Ideal Boss

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May 7, 2012 23:24
In working place, boss is so important person for team to achieve their goal. To be a boss, we have to have some skills. One is the skill of operating team member and second is much knowledge.
First of all, they should have management skill. Even though boss is the top of the team, they cannot do everything about a project. In this case, supervisors have to deal with some problems with team members in spite of trying to deal with it by themselves. When I became a team captain of volleyball club, I thought that I had to do everything by myself, for example, game making, and training management. However, it was beyond my ability. Nevertheless, I tried to do so. As a result, my team didn't go well. From this experience, I learned that boss is not the position to solve all of problems by myself but to make teammates cooperate each other. Further, the mission of supervisor is not only achieving their goal, but also growing team mates. Thus, management skill is so important for the supervisors.
Secondly, supervisors should have much knowledge. If team mates got some problems, they ask the boss for help. In this case, he or she has to give correct answers. To do so, they have to know how to deal with any problems. Without it team mate might not acknowledge him or her as a boss. When I was a team mate of volleyball club, my captain knew much about volleyball, from rule to strategy. When I suffered from slamp, he gave me some advises and I was able to overcome it. Therefore, the boss should be person whom team mates rely on. In addition to it, boss have many chances of talking with other people of other departments. To make things better, they have to win the discussion. To do so, much knowledge is one of so important aspects. Hence, much knowledge is so important for a boss.