My School Life

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Dec 8, 2011 21:44
Next year I will graduate from my school. I have been learnt more from my teacher. There are much good memory in my mind about my school life. I have so many friends, I dont't want them to go. They come from different countries, and have different culture, I learn some dialect from my classmate who comes from Anqing Hefei Hubei and so on.
In my dormitory, there are six students.One is form LUAN, she is the laeder of our dormitory, we called her "LAO DA", she is a beautiful girl and she is thin.She has long curly hair.She study very hard, not only the envirment is noisy or quiet, she can sit there to study. One is from Longxi Gansu Province, she is a little easy-going, and has long straight hair. One is from Yingshang Fuyang Province, she is a girl who out-going, she likes play jokes with others and we are never be angry, we all enjoy playing with her. We alaways talk with each other when we sleeping, our dormitory fill with happiness and laughter.
My school life is very unforgettable and colorful.