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Jun 8, 2012 13:56
Lately, I'm learning how to write business letters in English.

Dear Sirs,

Please find our inspection application notification.
We have already registered inspection notification to your LANG8 system.
For details, please refer to the attached.

Dear Mr.Michael

I confirmed the certifications for welding consumables are now missing in our test reports sent to you.
We will send asap.
Thanks for your comment.
Kind regards.

Dear Mr.Suzuki

Thanks for your continuous cooperation.

Regarding the Welding Consumable Certificate, please find attached letter from CCC.
As agreed during the ICP, EN 00000 0.0 certification is required for all welding consumables, but I'm not sure this certificate was attached MMM for previous issued RRR items.
Please check again with your QA dept, and let me know the page no. of each MMM.
However if mill sheet was not attached, please send me by e-mail including time no.

Your prompt reply would be appreciated.
Best Regards,

I found some people put comma after "Best Regards", is there any reason? or it's just a mistype?