Writing and Typing

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May 25, 2012 01:09 diary practice
Thanks to the computer I'm getting lost many chances to write Japanese characters on a paper and that makes us forget how to write kanjis with the correct stroke order. It might be surprising for some people but many Japanese are forgetting that, and besides some people are willing to use what we call "Katakana English", which is the words originated from English and written in Katakana. Those "Katakana English" are really horrible not only because every single of those have weird pronounciation but because some of them have different meaning from original English words. Needless to say, that's why we Japanese are forgetting our own character.

When it comes to memorising, I think it's better to write something than to type. Personally I need to memorise each characters visually. (Personally I need to memorize each characters as symbol.) I actually learned many kanjis writing them on notes over and over again, So I'm going to try not to type for memorising.

(I'm wondering if I can't express the differense of nuances between 'write' and 'type' because the former is often used when we metion to writing entries on a blog and the latter is rarely seen eccepting when refering to keyboard. Anyway, I hope this article makes sense to you.)