Football Australia vs Japan (12/June/2012)

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Jun 14, 2012 10:11
Because we had lots of wine last night, my flat mate was badly hangover.
We were supposed to have breakfast in the town, but he couldn't get up.

When he appeared at the living room, it was almost 1PM.
I suggested that we go for lunch, and he followed it.
We had some Korean food, and checked the waves.
The waves were too big, and nobody could get outside, so I gave up to surf today.

We were supposed to go to a pub to see the international football game, Australia vs Japan.
However, he couldn't be sober, so he couldn't join us.

I saw Toshi at the Manly wharf, and then we went to a pub.
There were some Japanese was watching the game.
Another my Japanese friend joined us with his Japanese friend.

The game was so exciteing.
The first half, both team couldn't get any goals.
However, the game changed the next half.
One of Australian player god a red card, and then Japan played well.
When Japan got the first goal, we were so excited.

Nevertheless, Japanese player got red card, and also gave them a PK.
Finally, they got a goal so the score was even, and then the game finished.

Even thought there were a lot of suspicious fouls and cards, we could enjoyed a lot.