Drinking with my flatmate(11/June/2012)

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Jun 14, 2012 09:54
Since my flatmate, Cliff, was day-off tomorrow, we drank until late.

I bought a bottle of red wine and also a bottle of sparkling wine.
We had already got some beer and a bottle of white wine, so I didn't buy them.

Before Cliff came back, I must have finished my tasks.
It was a bit busy day, but I could manage it because I really wanted to enjoy drinking with him tonight.

Around 10 pm he came back, and we opened a bottle of sparkling wine.
The taste was good, so we finished it quickly.

We prepared some snacks for red wine after that.
He brought two nice glass of red wine.

We had a nice long talk while we were drinking.
Finally, we stated watching a movie which is our favourite one from Korea.
We have similar preference of movies, so he got a lot of movies what I like.
I will see them while I stay here.