Reunion (10/June/2012)

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Jun 14, 2012 09:33
I saw one of Korean friends, who I met in Tokyo.
He used to work at the restaurant which I went to often.
We had meal together with our friends at times at the time.

Now, he is in Sydney, and I came to Sydney several days ago.
I tried to contact him, and I managed it.

We had dinner at a Korean restaurant tonight.
He said he had some problems about life in Sydney.

One of them was English.
He couldn't speak English whereas he could speak Japanese well.
Another one was his flatmate.
He wanted to move to another place, so I would help to find one.

Toshi, my ex-class mate, Joined us.
Last time I met him was 6 months ago, and we were students of the same school in Sydney.

We enjoyed chatting, eating and drinking.
Donji, the Korean friend, had to work tomorrow, so we decided to go home early.

We were going to a Karaoke next next weekend.
I am looking forward to it.