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About me

What interests me now is
- programming educational games (especially for language learning)
- statistics (Item Response theory, multivariable statistics )
- second language acquisition (especially from the perspective of cognitive psychology)
- philosophy (for application of logic to better speech, presentation, argument...)
- social psychology
- gamification of learning activity
- natural language processing
- psychology (behavior analysis)
- everything academic that interests me
- learning new languages (Russian, PHP, Python)
- piano

What I am able to do is
- to speak Japanese and English
- to program something with C++, Java, HTML/CSS, Javascript
- to solve mathematical problems (from arithmetic to calculus, linear algebra)
- not to get depressed when nothing goes well (recently acquired)
- to be a stingy guy, desperately trying to obtain things for free

What I hate is
- expensive food (food must be cheap)
- the white stuff in between the rind and the flesh of a watermelon
- industrial waste where HTML5 is not available, that is, old versions of IE
- huge cardboard boxes the Amazon utilizes for shipping

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Draft on What Education Is Done For

Since I started posting entries here, I've been highly motivated to think. Since I come up with ideas, I want to write them down some...
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  • English 
Jul 27, 2015 22:12

Whim On Math Teaching and Data Analysis

< Whim> 1) It is the best and most exciting experience in math tackling the kind of problems that seem solvable but difficult. Stu...
  • 3
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  • English 
Jul 26, 2015 17:32

Draft On How To Learn Math

This is a part of knowledge needed to self-learn math. The act of learning Mathematics is comprised of several steps: 1) understanding...
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  • English 
Jul 25, 2015 19:59

Memorandum on AI

an explanation on the first chatter bot, ELIZA en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ELIZA As far as I know, the latest chatter bot is this. www.cle...
  • 23
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  • English 
Jul 22, 2015 00:22

On Writing

Avid learners learn for writing, and write for learning. Writing about a topic clarifies your ideas on the topic, and is of great use in ...
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  • English 
Jul 21, 2015 00:44
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