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Feb 22, 2012 23:27 hometown
I promised with a friend of mine to write a journal about my hometown. I was born in Hue City, an antique city of the middle province of Vietnam. I think many people have heard about my place, which is quite famous with the tourists when they come to Vietnam. But this is the first time I wrote a journal about my hometown.
Hue City was an old capital of Vietnam in the Nguyen Dynasty from 1802 to 1945. It's quite small but very quiet and peaceful place. It is well known for the two World Cultural heritages, Nha nhac and the Citadel palace complex. Nha nhac is a form of Vietnamese court music which was only performed for the Emperor and royal family.
The Citadel Palace complex is located on the North bank of Huong River, inside Hue City. I don't know anything about geomancy but it was said to be protected by the two sand dunes as "dargon on the left, tiger on ther right"
Here are some pictures of my Hue city. The two first pictures are about the Citadel at night and day. At some special events such as Independence day, the Tet holiday or the Festival, the Citadel is lighted with many coloured lamps at night. It's very beautiful.
The last picture is about the Truong Tien brigde. It's the bridge which is across the Huong river. It was built at 1897 at the time of Thanh Thai Emperor. Do you know who designed it? The designer was Gustavel Eiffel who was famous for the Eiffel tower. In the evening, the Truong Tien brigde is also lighted by many lights with 6 mainly colours: green, yellow, red, blue, white and pink. I want to add another of its picture at night here but I can't.
I'll continue to write about my place in another journal.
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