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Feb 20, 2012 10:50 hobby
Besides drinking coffee, reading is another hobby of mine. I began to read when I was a little child, about 6 years old. At that time, my favorite book was Doraemon. It was a famous comic of Japan and it's stil famous now. I read a lot of Japanese comic. They're really my childhood.
When I grown up a little, I started to read another kinds of books. I read literature books for children. Most of them were from Vietnam.
Now I'm an adult. And I still keep reading books when I have free time. I read many kinds of books: fictions, unfictions, novels, poems... and of course comics. My favorite book is "Gone with the wind". I like the way Scarllet thinking because she was a strong woman. But I don't like the way she loved. So I had a little regret when it was over because I didn't know whether Scarllet and Reth were together or not. Then I read "Gone with the wind 2". Although it wasn't written by the author of "Gone with the wind" but I still felt the spirits of Scarllet and Reth there. And I was happy because they were still together at last. I always like happy ending.
I also like Harry Potter and New Moon. Although I prefer reading than watching films of them. Recently, I usually reading Chinese and Japanese books. Chinese books help me to get out of stress because they're often over with happy ending. But Japanese books always make me thinking a lot when reading. I've just finished reading a Japanese book named "Socrates in love". That is the name when it was pulished in Vietnam. Its official name is "Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World" in Japan. It was a sad love story but I think I like it. It express the real life.
I want to tell more about this but my journal is too long now. Please correct my sentences. Thank you very much indeed.