Challenge to Skype

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May 23, 2012 10:46
Writing and Speaking are quite different, aren't they?

The day before yesterday, I tried to speak English with my friend via Skype.
It was really fun, but I thought it's still early for me
to chat in English practically.
I was often lost for words and asked "hmm...How do you say ~ in English?".
Owing to his fluent Japanese, I learned a lot.

I know chatting via Skype is the best way to practice speaking.
But isn't it too difficult for beginners?
Should I practice alone before talking with native people?

Now I talking to myself in English.
Nobody corrects it but I want to get used to speaking.

By the way, I'm always sleepy.
My friend said women are always sleepy.
Is it right? I've never heard that before.
I think I am just lazy. :P