Rhythm of the Waves

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May 21, 2012 18:01
Last Saturday, we drove to Amakusa.
Amakusa consists of some islands and it's located in
southwest area of Kumamoto prefecture.

My husband and I rode in a cruiser and enjoyed dolphin-watching.
We could see about 50 wild dolphins around the cruiser.
They swam and jumped near by, but I couldn't take good pictures.

After that, we went to see a big Akou tree (Ficus wightiana).
I heard that it's the 3rd biggest Akou tree in Japan.
It was amazing, and beautiful.
I rested on the swing under the big boughs.

We planned a day trip but decided to stay here one more day.
We found a Minshuku(a private home providing lodging for travelers) near a beach.
I prefer Minshuku to high class hotels
because almost all of Minshuku's owners are very kind and friendly.

This time, the owner told us a "cheep and delicious" restaurant.
As she said, the restaurant was very good.
Besides, before going to sleep, she gave us some big oranges.

That Minshuku was more "on the sea" than "near the sea".
Our room was on the 2nd floor and we could see seashore right under the window.
We slept with the sound of waves.

It was a great night.

I heard the rhythm of the waves are very similar to the sound inside of a mother's womb.
That is why we feel relax with the sound of the sea.
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