what can I do?

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Dec 13, 2011 23:51
I started new job last week.
Now I am a private tutor of a junior high school student.
She really dislike Math and English.

What I surprised most is that the education system has changed a lot.
I started studying English in junior high school.
I also had English classes when I was in a elementary school about once in a month.
It was very fun because we just played some games in English.
I didn't know about grammar, or spelling at all at that time.
Nowadays English is taught from 1st grade of elementary school.

So my student must has studied for 6 years.
But... she can't write even easy word in English, "cat" "baseball" "cake" and so on.
She said it is very hard for her to memorize foreign words and its spelling.
mmm... How can I teach her?

I want her to enjoy learning English or other foreign languages!!