I've found a new job like salesperson in a SportsWear department near my house

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Jun 11, 2012 00:16
I've found a new job like salesperson in a SportWear department near my house.
The Company name is Cisalfa is a very famous company because is associate with Intersport Europe and Intersport is a big and important trademark.
I'll started one week ago and I like very much this new role in the SportWear because two year ago I worked in Company similar but only with electronics products.
my co-workers are friendly with me but is a real friendly company recently we have new sport products for the running repart and it was a busy week for put the products in oredrr and ticketing the price in the box..
Yesterday I meet in my job two Korean tourist and I help them with some products for the free time because this Company called Cisalfa Outlet is not only a big retail Company founded about the Stock-in products but we have sport products for the free time.
Some day I can improve my English because we have tourist or foreigner workers in my city Rome to come in Cisalfa for buy products two day ago a example is come in Cisalfa one man from nigeria and he can speak only in English and I had a very great conversation with her because we have talking not only about the products but we have talking about my country the problem in the world and similar but interesting argument.
In this Comapny my contract is for 6 month is a temporary job but I have a monthly salary of 550 euro and is a part-time work hour but break in two day in the week I have a full day of 8 hour but with one hour of lunch time.
My work hour is complicated to explaine because in Italy the work plane nedeed of a reform too burocracy and too stupid law here in Italy..
this A short story about INTERSPORT: In 1968, 10 successful national buying organizations came together with an ultimate goal in mind: to create an international sporting goods operation that gives customers the fullest benefits, confidence in retailers and complete product satisfaction. The congregation in Paris gave life to INTERSPORT and a new world of sport retail intelligence began.
The first INTERSPORT store in South Korea and thus in Asia opened its doors
INTERSPORT is proud to have opened the first INTERSPORT store in Asia together with LG Fashion. We have the long-term goal to play a leading role in most of the Asian-Pacific countries in eight to ten years. South Korea is a first and important step in this direction.
With the extension of its business to China and Lebanon, INTERSPORT successfully continues its expansion strategy launched in 1999. The INTERSPORT Group originated and continues, for the past 30 years, to operate in Western Europe and Canada and is now represented by 340 shops in 16 Eastern European countries as well as in the Middle East in four countries with 15 shops.
But now my real problem is decline the job contract for trying the Volunteer Summer programme in UK??
In the Summer Programme the Agency to provide me I have to pay only travel cost for come in UK and return in my home only with the flying airplane.
Yes because the agency pay the cost of trasportation,food and flat and the agency to give me an allowance of 33 pounds.