The SportFest

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Jun 4, 2012 18:11
I don't know why, but I have one pinoy friend she is a girl and she told me forever bad words or disapprove me in the dialogue in the facebook chat.
I don't know why, I am a polite person maybe she's does not see into me a polite person.
Anyway recently I'm seeing different sport organizations for try to partecipate in the SportFest the SportFest is a Sport-Festival Day in your city.
But during yesterday, after many different places where I went for looking. I understand the SportFest is organized by the Pinoy Community and for this now I need to go in the Pinoy Embassy for further information about the SportFest.
The SportFest is a multi-sport event is an organized sporting event, often held over multiple days, featuring competition in many different sports between organized teams of athletes from (mostly) nation-states. The first major, modern, multi-sport event of international significance was the modern Olympic Games.
Many regional multi-sport events have since been founded and modeled after the Olympics. Most have the same basic structure. Games are held over the course of several days in and around a "host city," which changes for each competition. Countries send national teams to each competition, consisting of individual athletes and teams that compete in a wide variety of sports. Athletes or teams are awarded gold, silver or bronze medals for first, second and third place respectively. The games are generally held every four years, though some are annual competitions.
Here in Italy the SportFest are under the control of the Pinoy Community.