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May 28, 2012 05:11

Hello It's me Luke.

Today I'm sad because recently in my country there was a big earthquake.

The earthquake It's started two days ago, but until now there are some little earthquake in the region of Emilia Romagna.

The Emilia Romagna is a region in Italy we have the regions, the regions are similar at one State, but very small than a real state.

The earthquake It's happened in two cities Modena and Ferrara and today in some town of Emilia Romagna.

Now I'll send with the help of a NGO association my money for the donation, but are few.

The real problem of this tragedy are the most part of Italians without a home and living in curtain camps and the Emergency Home Places are occupy from the illegal foreigners and that's inacceptable.

I think in every country of this world first of all the Status defending its own citizens and after the foreigners.

In Italy we have a large part of illegal migrants without a job and survive only by the Italian Welfare State allowance of my country.

Planned measures for the recruitment of migrant workers and bags'' work'': companies wishing to recruit foreign workers may receive incentives equal to 12,000 euros for each contract for an indefinite period and amounted to EUR 5,000 per contract term started.

Also part of an integrated program of work placement (work experience), through which each participant will receive a scholarship of 400 euros per month working.

Incentives will also benefit the agricultural cooperatives where I live, assuming immigrants pay less in taxes
So who says that is not true he lies.

Sorry but in my opinion this is beautiful and good discrimination against the Italians.

until now are 7000 the number of the Italians homeless for the earthquake tragedy.

I don't know because my State don't provide social security for my people,I hope in a better resolution and in a good political class in the future.