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May 19, 2012 22:48
There are bad and good news from my side now..

I want to start with the bad news ok!

Yesterday I received the letter from my last job interview of this month and I went for the job interview in Foot Locker two weeks ago and the letter say this words: Dear Gianluca ( Gianluca is my Italian name) we are glad about your interest to work in Foot Locker but at the moment we haven't choose you for current position and we change this direction with another person.. And at the end of the letter the regards and some good words like dear Gianluca now your Cv is it in the Foot Locker data-base and if we have need of you don't worry Foot Locker send a message of you for another job offer or job positions..

However, there is a good news in this letter because if my Cv stay for one year in the data-base of Foot Locker maybe I have many possiblities to have new job interviews in Foot locker in the future.

The good news is my job at the stadium, like Steward yesterday I renewed my job contract with the SS Lazio Soccer Company and I uncovered with my salary I have the pension contributions around 7.50 euro is low but is a good news for me because I thinking with this job I don't has the pension contributions for arrive at my future pension.. NAturally for have a good pension is better to have another job with this job.. Because in Italy we have a law where you can to work with two jobs for arrive at the pension, but there are different few and the Steward is one of them.

Example if you are a Butcher and work like Steward you can do it!

Now I don't know very well the list where you can work with two jobs but I think only the job if you have a salary with the Inps Allowance ( Inps is the our Pension System ).

Probably the next week, when I finish my course of English I go at the stadium for try to apply the job form for the As Roma Soccer Company because two is better than one..

In Italy employers "occasional" can use the vouchers in this way correspond to temporary workers the same pay and pay employment taxes and insurance INPS and INAIL. They can be used by particular categories of workers (pensioners, students, housewives, etc..) Or for occasional special activities - incidental (housework, gardening, babysitting, repetitions, etc..). Not be used in buildings and plant for the sector-specific rules (Decree. 81/2008, Art. 90 and following; DM 37/2008)

The retirement pension is a pension provision that it is for those who are or have been enrolled in any of the social security institutions required by law, such as Social Security.

The retirement pension is that particular type of pension benefit that you can get before reaching retirement age. The criteria for access to this service vary depending on the fund in which contributions were paid.

The requirements for employees enrolled needle (Compulsory Insurance General) are:
35 years of contributions and 60 years of chronological age, or alternatively
40 years of contributions regardless of age of the applicant.

The requirements for those enrolled in special funds such as craftsmen, traders, farmers and sharecroppers settlers are:
35 years of contributions and 61 years of chronological age, or alternatively
40 years of contributions regardless of age of the applicant.

Remember that in calculating the contribution also sickness or unemployment (except for the requirement of 35 +57 and 35 +58 years) except for some special benefits (such as unemployment for special agricultural workers) . For employees, the acceptance of an application for retirement shall be subject to termination of employment.

This type of service will disappear gradually that workers enrolled in the old pay system will be replaced by those who are enrolled in the new contribution system established by L. 335/1995, the so-called Dini reform.