The Perfection

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Apr 16, 2012 07:43
Why research the perfection when you have a intermediate level another things ?
Can be the sport or others.

My question is the language, for a non-native speakers it's difficult to study another language the grammar like my case, usually I make grammar errors in English. But if you have a understandable language why you try to follow the perfection. Here in Italy we have a large part of migrants from the Est Europe,Africa,South-America,Morocco,Philippine and from other parts from world, but if you have a intermediate level of Italian you can get a Graduate or Diploma the last year it was my ultimate year for get the Diploma in Italy the Diploma is the pass for entry in the University and in my class there have been many foreigners son of migrants and believe for get the Diploma this foreigners have a intermediate level of italian and their have won the challenge. Yes, the challenge of integration and determination. This foreigner here in Italy have a job and some foreigners have a job If have a basic level of italian, my teory is you can survive if you have a basic or intermediate level of language without the research of perfection. Probably my English grammar is bad, but here in Italy the Govern don't invest in the language or in the study. Here in Italy if you want to study a language for research the perfection or have a perfect English you should to go in the private course of English or like many youth Italian try to go in London for improve but sometimes return in my country because don't have job experience or because the level of English of Italians is not perfect like a mother tongue. I think the people to should be patient because no one it's born learned, that's all.

And I'm so sorry for my English grammar because is not perfect like a British. ^^