Letter for Jeong

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Feb 20, 2012 07:26
Dear Jeong how are you here in Rome there are frosty days but I think is not very frosty than the Swiss winter. However my life going well because I am live and the health is all in the life. my job going well, but I want to get a very good job, with a very salary not like my job at Olimpic Stadium in Rome. But the Crisis in Italy don't let nobody and the most companies don't create new employment and the most part of my friends are without job. Recently I heard about one friend he's going in Australia, but the planning is very difficult the Australia is not very close by my country and my friend to needed much money for begin a new life. But let me say dear Jeong recently I spoken with you about my indecision for go in UK or another country with native speaker English or go in Swiss so is a difficult choice because at moment I speak only english and I don't know German or French language. But when I chat with you Jeong in Facebook you helped me, with your support words it's very nice to chat with you and write now this letter for you.
Best regards and I wait you in Rome in Italy lol^^