I can't help but pay attention to Tommy Lee Jones and that white dog. I don't know why.

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Oct 28, 2012 13:43
If you talk about white dogs with Japanese people, many of them will first think of a white dog which always appears in a very popular series of SoftBank cellphone TV commercials. This series is so interesting and funny that it has been very popular for more than five years. It has a storyline that revolves around the family called Shirato- ke/白戸家 consisting of a daughter, her brother, her parents, and her grandmother. Aya Ueto/上戸彩, a very popular actress, is playing the role of the daughter. Both her mother and grandmother are being played by two well-known actresses. Her bother is being played by an American. Interestingly enough, a white dog is acting as her farther. He is a white dog in appearance, but he thinks and speaks like standard Japanese fathers do. Other family members treat the dog as a normal father. I've heard that a company which has been creating the series since the start wanted to use a popular actor as the father, but the budget wasn't enough, so the company was reluctant to use the white dog instead. Because of this, the company didn't expect the series to become that popular. No one knows what will turn out to be lucky,right? Anyway, in the series, a new version with a new episode appears very frequently, and it always captures a trend and portrays the family as humorous. So, a lot of people, regardless of gender and age, like the series.

Speaking of a very popular series of TV commercials, the series of Suntory canned coffee commercials where Tommy Lee Jones appears is still continuing. Surprisingly, he has been playing the role of an alien in the commercials since 2006. Have you heard of it ? Since the series also portrays Japanese society with humor and irony, I've found it interesting. I've been wondering why Tommy Lee Jones has been doing a sort of comedy as an alien in the commercials for such a long period of time. Dose he enjoy the role? Is it for a lucrative endorsement contract ?

About two months ago, the aforementioned two companies, Softbank and Suntory, started collaborating in promoting their products. Since then, collaboration TV commercials which Tommy Lee Jones appears with the popular dog have been broadcast. These episodes in the commercials are ridiculous, but I can't help but pay attention to them. I don't know why. Is there a series TV commercials which has been popular for a few years in your country?

A SoftBank cellphone commercial with English subtitles.This is old.

A Suntory canned coffee commercial with English subtitles. This is also old.

The collavoration TV commercial.

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