U-KISS at Evento 40 (music festival)

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May 15, 2012 12:33
I could finally see U-KISS last Saturday!
Thankfully, they weren't the closing performance...
I've never seen so many people gathered in one place O__O
Some say it was about 50,000 people who attended this year.
I had to wait 6 long hours to see this band >__<
My friend and me arrived to the park at 11 am because we wanted to be close to the stage and by that hour there was a lot of people outside already. We realized it wasn't such a good idea to be up front because it was very crowded and people kept pushing. Not nice at all! So we moved to one side of the stage where we could sit on the grass and chill out for some hours. I was impressed that the ground trembled because of the jumping crowd! *o*
By 4pm it started to get crowded even when we were, so we moved (struggling) to the front haha. It was good timing because U-KISS performed at 5:10. We were also close to a big group of other fans of this band.
They played 3 songs: Neverland (the one I mentioned in my last post), Bingeul Bingeul and Man Man Ha Ni and were on stage for about 15 min (yes, I waited 6 hours for a 15 min show =__=)
Their dancing skills were great and the sound was powerful too, so I don't regret it! haha
They also introduced themselves in English and spoke some words in Spanish. Their performace was recorded by Arirang (a Korean tv station) and I heard it will be broadcasted as a special program in June (I'd like to see it!)

The video isn't mine. Sorry, I couldn't find one in a better quality...

The weather wasn't on our side, it was rainy and cloudy most of the time. But it was good that when they performed it cleared a bit. After they finished their performance we went out. But this was the worst part! It took us 20 min to leave the place! It was so crowded that we could only get to the middle of the square. We couldn't move after that point. >_< The police had to open one of the fences to let us out. A girl even passed out! (don't worry, she was promptly rescued)

It was exciting to see this band but I don't think I will come back to this event. I'm not good with massive crowds (unless another band I really really like comes...)

I took the first two pictures and found the last one in Twitter. It's apparently from a Korean newspaper and I have no idea what it says (I can only read the name of the band, sadly). But you can see part of the crowd there!

Wow, this turned out longer than I expected... Thanks for reading!
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