two key problems that world's cities are facing

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Nov 28, 2011 23:55
In 21st century, world’s cities face with many critical problems. Two of those are traffic congestion and pollution.

As regards the first, one simple and straightforward solution is using public transport. In many countries, however, people prefer using their own cars than public transport like buses since private vehicles are more mobile and comfortable whereas buses are old, inconvenient and even quite expensive. Therefore, cities should invest in modern constructions like trains or undergrounds or replace old buses by new and well-designed ones. Furthermore, cities’ authorities could impose road tax on drivers to limit the car numbers getting into centers and use these amounts of money to subsidy public transport to lower prices. Another solution is changing work time for different organizations. This could constrain a large number of people commuting to work or going to schools at the same time that is one of the main reasons of traffic problem.

Another serious problem is pollution. Pollution in cities is mainly caused by a vast amount of household waste which is rising because of the growth of population. In fact, a large proportion of rubbish are difficult to be degraded such as plastics or glass, and could last for 100 years or even thousands years. Recycling and reusing useful materials is an effective solution which is used in many cities. In addition, each house should use several rubbish bins for separate waste. It could help cities to save money for classifying rubbish and it also improves citizens’ perceptions of recycling. Moreover, cities should encourage people to use shopping baskets, especially ecofriendly baskets, instead of using so much packaging for each type of food or products when going to market.