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Dec 2, 2011 05:34
Hi everyone, yesterday I have found a good website. It's website helps to improve our speaking skills.

I got a new friends from different countries such as Poland, Bangladezh, India, Algeria. Some of them are speaking so fast that I need to ask them to repeat. Also they are have an accent. But there is one girl who correct my pronounce. I think sometimes she was angry, because I have a problems with pronounce.

I have a problem with words that started from letter "w". For example: word-world.
And I also have a problem with "ght" "gth". thought, length, weight.

Also for me there is no difference in pronounce between law, love and laught.

So i got understand this problems by skype conversations with other people.
If someone want to get link to website please tell me.

Thank you for check!