Tarama island and Minnaisland

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Dec 2, 2011 11:26
I went to tarama island and minna island on the 29th and 30th.
When I had dinner at a restaurant in tarama ,I met an old guy called yagiーsan.(Mr.yagishita)
He was staying at a the next to my room at the same guest house.

He asked me to go to minna island tomorrow together.
Minna island is close to tarama island and only 5people ( 1family ) lives there.
If you wanna go there,you have to charter a boat.and it costs 25000yen.

Yagi san told me he would pay 25000yen.

I felt bad,so I told him I would pay a half,but he said dont worry about money,he came to tarama island for minna island from Tokyo alone.If you come together,cost wont change ー25000yen.

I still felt bad-but i decided to go together.

The next day,a lady who works at the guest house drives us to ferry port.
Her husband ´s parents and brothers lives in minna island.

We met the brothers at a ferry port and off to minna island.

It took 15-20minutes.

We landed minna island,I walked around with yagi san.
Yagi san reminds of my granpa.

He is 75years,but he walks and run fast.

I used to go traveling with my granpa when he alived,the time with yagi san reminds of that.
So it was a good moment;-)

When we got back in tarama island,I was trying to pay a half but he paid all after all.
I bought a sweets, and gave him.

We went back to Miyako island by same flight and said good bye at miyako airport.

It was great meet you,Yagi san!