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Hello my friends, Allow me to welcome you all to this group! ^^ In here, you can write about an...

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Testimonials from My Friends

I legitimately can't imagine why anyone would ever not like Poso. He's easily one of the nicest people on Lang-8 and possibly in the world. His corrections are detailed and immensely useful, accompanied by helpful explanations. He'll transform your weird, awkward Japanese sentences into brilliantly natural-sounding masterpieces. He's also wildly smart and seems to have a natural knack for linguistics. And his English is way better than he thinks. Overall fantastic guy, and I'm very glad to have met him here. :)
He's always so enthusiastic, open-minded and kind. His detailed corrections and explanations are really helpful and he never hesitates to answer any of my questions. I really enjoy learning both standard Japanese and the Kansai dialect with him; so conversations are always fun! I also really admire him because he's so knowledgeable about neuroscience and computer science, in addition to languages. I'm really glad to have a friend like him.
I haven't known Poso very long, but I'm so glad our paths crossed here on Lang-8! His entries are always so interesting and from the exchanges we've made these past few weeks, I can tell he's an incredibly kind and genuine person! He's very supportive and his corrections are thankfully very concise. I feel honored to have made such a delightful friend! Thank you, Poso!
Poso is incredibly kind, empathetic, and goes above and beyond to help others. It's really wonderful to talk to him, and he has been so patient and encouraging in helping me learn Japanese. He is always available and has so many resources to direct you towards if you're ever confused about anything, which I really appreciate. Anyone would be lucky to be his friend, and I wish him the best!! ^o^ /
Poso is enthusiastic about language and I feel very happy to see that. I think he is a nice person who can help many people ( with language or other things ) : ) I'm happy to get corrections from him! Also I hope everyone can help him improve his English on this site! ( When I have time I will correct too! haha : ) )