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Mar 17, 2009 02:53 diary english
I am officially in the university period. I am reading some books while rescheduling loads of things to get the things done.
Because of work, I will skip some lectures, and I ask a friend of mine to record them in mp3, I hope that with the audio and the book I could manage to pass the course. It is really not the same as going, as seeing, as feeling the class. But it is that I can do by now.

In another line, last Saturday a friend family gave a party. And it was great, good food, nice music, an splendid moment. Until the dance started... I have to say that I do not know how to dance... Said that, I have to say that I did not care that :). I enjoyed dancing, and the girls that danced with me were really brave :)... Yes they are really good friends of mine. That is why I decided to learn how to dance. I am not sure about how rhythm it is the ideal to start. May be I will do a course that teach the basic of several ones. Another friend told me that he lend to a friend of both a cd with a course of dancing!... I can not believe that there is a cd for that... I still want the classic way, with a patient teacher avoiding my feet.

I restarted to study in group last Saturday too. Actually, we are in different careers and in different universities. But it is really helpful for us. While one is reading maths, another is reading physics or chemistry. If one gets a dude, another will try to solve it. Since, in this semester I am not able to go to class, it is really important, either in a human fashion as in a academic way.

By the way, I will write mainly in English, until I could manage to write a little bit better in Japanese. I am doing my best but I still need some basic vocabulary. Perhaps I will post some resume I made on vocabulary (parts of body, name of jobs, basic actions), because I progress better in the grammatical aspect than in expanding my vocabulary. Time will se if I take this or that course of actions, but oe thing is sure, I really, really love japanese =).