a nice long week

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Mar 13, 2009 02:21
This week was filled with a lot of things.

First, last Wednesday I did an exam at the university. But the context was the one of a movie. All that day was raining. I went to the workplace (office) with the company of a soft water falling from a silver cloud. At lunch, a thin rain induced me to buy a delicious dish (empanadas). When I was going to the university, it was raining really hard, and I got a headache. I solve the exam really fast, and then I went home, to slept.

The last Thursday I had to inscribe me to the courses of this semester. I choose some subjects, that will allow me to keep working while studding. my career, engineering, really takes time to be completed, and it is really easy to lost years if you do not pass one subject in time. Some times, because of being at work, you could not assit and looses exams, just a little problem, with a big impact on your life.

I started this week to study, I feel condifent I will have a nice semester.
A good news is that a coworker lend me a book about kanji... all written in japanese. It will take time to digest it, but it will be so sweet to read it that I am really happy about that.

Nowadays my current topic at Japanese is to end learning katakana, that is why I have to wait until I could learn more vocabulary, verbs in particular.