Berry's dream house

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Feb 13, 2013 15:24
My dream house would have to stand in the middle of a large garden. It should not have more than two floors, because getting a bit long in the tooth, and the climb is already a bit exhausting for me(the fact is that every time I climb stairs I grasp for air, hihi). The stairs shouldn’t have such high levels because of arthritis in my knee joints hurts at any step! A stair lift would of course not so bad, hehe!

No, all jokes aside, when my dream home would have nice large and bright rooms, that would be great. The kitchen is very important, because here I always get my food! It must be fully equipped with electric appliances and all sorts of cabinets. A doggie door in the wall to the kitchen would not be wrong - then I could always go in- and outside and see if there was something to eat!

In the living room I would like a nice warm place as close to the fireplace, where I can rest. I don’t need a toilet, because I go with my owner always for a walk. I'm not a happy dog about a bath, but my mum says, that must be because she always want to bathe me. I hate bathing, afterwards the skin itches and I always smell so strange! But I do anything to please my mistress!

The most important thing is a garden! It must be very large, so that I can play and frolic in it. I love to dig holes! Oh, that makes fun! I sometimes even buried a bone in the garden, as asset of the last resort! But when I went to get him, he was gone! I've got the neighbor's dog in suspicion that he has stolen my bones! Revenge is sweet!

If you see somewhere a house as I'd like, please tell it my owner so that he can buy my dream house!

Wow, wow – Berry, the dreamer!