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Feb 3, 2013 17:36
What's my job?
I have several jobs. First, I like to go hunting and quarrying in the field for hares and pheasants. In actuel fact, this is my real day job.
My owner always goes with me to the training, so that I stay in practice. For that, we go to the agility. This is great fun for me. I can jump, bounce, catch balls, run through tunnels, and welcome many friends. Unfortunately, we go back home soon. Next, I am a family dog. This is a very responsible job. I take care of the two children of the house, and defend them against bad people. In the early morning I retrieve my owner the newspaper and assist always my mistress with the dishes.
I could also imagine to be cook. Then I could always cook and taste the food. Hey, that would be great! I live for eating!
Woof, woof ! Berry -- the very busy dog ! ;-)