The national population census

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Oct 25, 2010 13:52
This year the national population census has just finished. As I am a board member of our residential community, I have worked as a temporary worker for the population census.

What was the procedure? At first I put an advertisement flyer of the population census in each household mailbox. Second, I visited every house and apartment house to hand the questionnare to fill in and make them choose one from two ways: to mail the sheet back or let me pick it up. We have to persuade all of them to take part in this work. The filled-in sheets are supposed to sent to the National Statistic Agency, and the Agency analize them to use for introducing bills or sharing budgets.

Japanese national population census has a long history. The first one was carried out in 1920, so the investigation has 90-year-old history. Every five year the simple cesuses and every ten year the intensive censuses are supposed to be conducted. This year's is the intensive census.

For the beginning stage of the history, the power of government agency was much stronger to make people join fo the census, but now people are more sophisticated and more right concious. As many criminals take advantage of people's private information, people are careful to deal with own personal data. In a way, the protection law for personal information becomes one hinder for this census. We don't want to open up our privacies easily,though the census is official and legislatively supported.

Besides our society has become much more complicated. There are crime relating runners, debt relating hiders or DV refugees who don't want to show up. There are many non-Japanese people here; most of them are legally staying here, but some illegally.

Thinking about these things, I think the government should think the way of conduct of the national population census again.