Bombardier beetle( Farting beetle )

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Nov 17, 2011 04:22

Bombardier beetles have a special weapon for protecting themselves when an enemy get near enough to attack him, he use his weapon like the fart. I read it from a book "Human and animal"

But I was wondering when they attacked the enemies with high temperature gas, is it possible to harm themselves? because most of bugs are very vulnerable in high temperature and toxic chemicals. So I made my theory they have a very tough skin so they could protect from it. I wanted to know, but I couldn't find the information. Finally I e-mailed to the professor who wrote the book.

"Professor C, Do they attack their races with the gas?"
"Sure, if they are threaten by something that is even their kind,
he doesn't hesitate to use it"

"Professor C, Do they have a tough skin for protecting from their weapon? Because in this video, when the beetle use the gas, it was totally exposed by its gas. So I think they have a tough skin and they probably could not harm each other with the gas"
"Yeah, it seems so. It's time for proving your theory! Good luck!"

Wow he was great, although I didn't get the right information, he gave me a chance to investigate like a science. I really had appreciated it until I found out the bug can be found only during spring and summer because the time(?) was October.