Urgent Request to Correct My Victory Speech

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Oct 7, 2017 14:13
I need your help!

I'm busy for preparing my victory speech at the Nobel Prize party next month. As you know, my English is very bad. Yet, I won the Nobel Prize in Literature in English.

"Thank you. Thank you, Mr./Ms. chairperson.
I'm Desperate Beagle 8,K.I., from Japan.
I didn't believe it when I was noticed that I won the prize at first. I thought it was some kind of a joke. I still wonder if this was merely my night dream and I would be going to wake up at any second.
If this is not my dream, I would like to say thank you to the Japanese culture that has brought up me. My works are deeply influenced by Japanese culture because I've never been to abroad for all of my life.

I feel pity because my great and old friend, Haruki Murakami, hasn't won this prize yet. It would be some kind of a mistake that I won it prior to him.

His works are not bad. But my works would be better because I don't write my works only by myself.
I appreciate the help by Lang-8 members. What I have been done is just to upload my crude novels on Lang-8 and get the proofreading by members.
Without your support, I would have been lost.

May Lang-8 live infinitely!

And one small thing I have to note; I will donate all the prize money to Lang-8.
Half of the copyright of my works belong to Lang-8, or I had to say "most of the copyright."
Thank you! "

I made believe I were Kazuo Ishiguro.