The Thermal Conductivity of Mocha's

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Oct 12, 2017 08:06
It's autumn.
The temperature drops.

I walked Mocha, my beloved beagle, this morning.
She pooped while she was walking as usual.
Sometimes I I missed to recognize that Mocha pooped.
But now I found Mocha's poop and retrieved it. It was hot and "fresh."

Then I found another poop that was lying on the ground about one meter away.
So I tried to retrieve it too. But it had already become cold as if it was not Mocha's poop but other dogs'.
But I decided that it was belonged to Mocha and me judging from the size, the length and the color.

I conclude myself that the temperature of the ground was cold because it had turned autumn from summer already, and the thermal conductivity of Mocha's poop was rather good,
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