How to record my message to an answering machine (An English speaking test)

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Jul 30, 2012 10:23
Examiner: Now, you're inviting Tom, one of your friends, to a Japanese restaurant next Saturday, at one pm. Unfortunately Tom is out, so please leave a message on the answering machine in 30 sec after the beep sound.

"This is 012-345-6789. I'm not here. Please leave a message after the beep sound. Beeeeep:"

(My answer) "Hi, Tom. This is Desperate Beagle. Are you there?
.....Okay, it's 7 pm on Monday, the 30th of July now. I found a cool Japanese restaurant. How about going there with me next Saturday at one p.m?
Just call me back when you listen to this recording.
My telephone number is 090-8124-1200, See you."

The examiner requests a colloquial expression between friends.
It would be appreciated if you change it as colloquial as possible.
Thank you.