Do you have any food allergies? Do you know of anyone who has food allergies?

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Jul 28, 2012 17:21
No, I don't, fortunately. Thanks.

I don't know anyone who has food allergies in my family, and in my friends, and in my coworkers, and in my neighbors, as well.

Well, if I allowed to bring up someone who never really existed, it's Rex who had an allergy for onions. Rex was a doctor and the husband of Bree who was one of the 'desperate housewives'.
In that TV drama series, Rex died, but it was not because of the food allergy. He was murdered by a pharmacist, by using some harmful medical drugs. Bree, Rex and the pharmacist had a love triangle.

Oops, I forgot a big thing.
My beloved desperate beagle, Mocha, is thought to have an onion allergy, although I've never tried to prove it.
あなたは食物アレルギーがありますか? 食物アレルギーを持っている人を知っていますか?