Preparing for an English speaking test

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Jul 28, 2012 14:18
Examiner: Please tell me your name and today's date,

Me: Okay. I'm Desperate Beagle (my real name), and today is Saturday, the twenty-eighth of July, two thousand and twelve.
(Which is better, to say, "I'm DB, and it's Saturday, the twenty-eighth of July, two thousand and twelve today?)

Examiner: Please tell me what you are going to do tomorrow.

Me: Tomorrow is Sunday, a day off, so I will sleep well tonight and wake up late. Then I'll eat a late breakfast or have brunch. I don't have any particular plan now, but your question made me think about it. Well, let me see, I might go a movie theater, if"Dark knight rises" is playing now. I will wear a bulletproof jacket. Oh, I have to buy one beforehand. But I don't know where to buy such goods at all. Maybe I will be able to find where I can buy one of those on the web.
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