Swimming with my new swimsuit

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Jun 18, 2012 23:35
Today, I went to swimming. I couldn't use the heart rate monitor, not because it wasn't waterproof. The swimming pool staff member would not allow me to wear a wrist watch. They would say that a watch might hurt somebody else. I always think it's odd, because they made us wear a wrist locker key. A locker key, a wrist watch, and a heart rate monitor are almost the same thing.

By the way, this was my first day to wear the new swimsuit. When I wore it, I looked like a middle-aged professional wrestler with the fat body.

The swimming pool is 25m long. So one lap is 50m. My target was 1.5km, and I had to swim 30 laps. When I finish swimming about 10 laps, I had the feeling that my right foot sole muscle might start to cramp. I concentrated to prevent the cramp. I tried to avoid to use extra power when I turned. Then, my right calf muscle became the same situation, and then so did my left inner quadriceps.

Furthermore, after 20 laps, I got to want to urinate. But I knew that one break might be fatal. I had to keep swimming. Fortunately, my muscles didn't had cramp and I didn't urinate.

At 29 laps, the devil began to whisper me, or maybe it was the angel:
"Do you want to surpass your record of 1.5km swim? Do you want to surpass your limit?"
I gave into the suggestion, and swam one lap more. And I set my new record of 1.55km swimming.

When I got out of the pool, I felt dizzy and I felt the gravity. Maybe it was like an astronaut coming back from zero gravity.

When I reached home, I found that I left my new swimsuit at the pool. Oops!



さらに、20往復を過ぎたあたりから、もよおしてきた。けれど、一旦中断すると再び泳げないのは経験上わかっていたので、泳ぎ続けるしかなかった。 結局幸いにも、けいれんはおきなかったし、そそうもしなかった。



家に帰ると、新しい水着をプールに忘れてきたのに気付いた。 Oops!