POLAR Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) and Maffetone Theory

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Jun 18, 2012 17:24
Now I'm on a diet and want to lose my weight more than 10 kilograms.
When I want to lose my weight, I will follow the Maffetone Theory and do aerobics exercises.

So I'm now using POLAE Heart Rate Monitor.

My target heart rate would be: 180- (age)=180-50=130
I should control my heart rate between 120-130/beat per minute when I'm cycling and jogging.

The heart rate monitor consists of two parts. The main body is just like a write watch. Another part is the transmitter, which should be attached on your chest (heart).
When I first attached it, I somehow feel that I'm wearing a bra of women, though I had never been wearing any women's bra, of course. ^^

Now I'm using the fourth HRM, which was the most expensive, about 16000 yen.
My first HRM was POLAR basic model, which costed about 5000 yen. It was simple and good, but it couldn't change batteries. So it worked only a couple of years.
My second HRM was other company's product. It costed 12000 yen. The merit of this one was that it let me know if my heart rate was not in the targeted area, by beep sound. It was able to change batteries too. However it broke in the end.
My third HRM was the cheapest, 4980 yen, made in China, without alarm, yet battery-changeable. I lost it.

The model I'm using now is very complicated and I don't use most of its functions.
However the transmitter is very good. There is hydrophilic portion on the transmitter and you can make it wet in advance. Former three types of mine had no such portion. When my skin is dry, the HRMs can't detect my heart rate correctly. Once I sweat and my skin becomes wet, then the HRM can indicate the correct heart rate. So in cold winter when I never sweat, I couldn't use the HRM.

(To be continued, maybe, if you like to know more... ^^) lol







(続く)(もし、だれかこのテーマについてもっと読みたいというメンバーがいらっしゃたら、のことですが・・・・) lol

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