A swim suit for Father's day present

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Jun 18, 2012 12:36
Yesterday, as I had discarded my swim suit, my daughter and I went for cycling for about one hour. The rain stopped and it was a comfortable experience.

In the evening, my family members bought a swim suit for me. I was delighted so much, and at the same time I was shocked to realize that my adequate swim suit size was 6L (S:small, M:medium, L:large, LL:double L, 3L:triple L, 4L: fourfold L , 5L:quintuple L, 6L: sixfold L)

I just wanted to swim with a new suit which is my Father's day present.
But this time, I followed Satan's voice:
"Take a rainy check! If you swim today, tomorrow will become a terrible Monday."

Anyway I've decided that I will discard the swim suit soon.
You might wonder why.
Because it will become too big for me!




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