The Amber spyglass by Phillip Pullman

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May 27, 2012 17:31 book
Currently I am reading books that are His dark Materials.
The Amber spyglass is the third book of them.
The first book became a movie that called Golden Campus.
I was bummer that I couldn't watch the second one.
Because of some reasons, they decided not to make the last one.

I love these books because he describe very well the world in these book.
In the first book, the story is different world from our world.
They have their own daemons whose shape are animals that are representative of their owners's characters. They can talk. The first book's story begins from the Oxford University which Lira lives with scholars.

The books are for children, but the concept that the author might want to us to think about is very profound if we think what religious and life or love are.

Still I am reading the last book of them, but I am so excited the end of this story.
So far, I am enjoying these books so much!!

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