Tokyo Disneyland

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Dec 23, 2011 18:17
I went to Tokyo Disneyland since last summer. I was so excited and shout with my friend whenever we got into a roller coaster.
Some Japanese says, Disneyland is a country of dream because people can forget a dark reality, some anxiety or ordinary life in there. Everyone who went to Disneyland today were a big smile face, therefore; they were made me same face all the time.
Some people often ask me, "what the best time you like in your life?", my answer is always "time of eating tasty foods" or "time of laughing with my friends". Today I found a my best time! It's time of riding a roller coaster! :p When I ride it, I'm very very excited that cannot express in words. :)
My friend and I promised to go to Tokyo Disneysea on January or February in next year! I'm looking forward to ride roller coasters again!!!

(December 22th)
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