What woud you say in this situation?

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Jan 15, 2012 14:11
Hello,I'm glad if you correct my English.
There is a Japanese restaurant.
I'm thinking about a conbination meal.
OK,I'll have a Natto dish.
I noticed that family from abroad are having lunch are sitting next to me.
I heard that a pearson of foreign don't like smell of Natto.
Even some Japanese don't like it either.
I'm troubled about it.
I think maybe they have been in Japan for long time.
I decided to ask them.

Would you mind if I eat Natto?
Would you mind if smelling of Natto in around here.(I think this sentese is wrong but I can't say it in English what I want.)
なっとうの においがしたら いやですか?

Thank you very much.

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