October 31, 2011

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Nov 1, 2011 04:47
First of all,
There are many maintenances for Lang-8 in recent days.
I think that they are inconvenient for us, but also think that they are important things.

Now, I would like to talk about yesterday.
I got up at 7:30AM to attend at a seminar of my lab.
Then, I left home at 8:30.
The seminar was going to start at 10:30.
Yes, it costs me 2 hours to go to my lab. from my home!
It's a very long time.

Anyway, the seminar finished.
After dinner, I and my friend practiced cycleball.
Do you know cycleball?
If you don't know cycleball, please read my latest entry titled "Cycleball."
After practicing cycleball, I played futsal with the members of my friend's lab.
I had a very nice day. ;))))

I also wish a happy day today.
Thank you!
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