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Dec 18, 2011 18:33
クリスマスはもっとも大切なイギリス人のお祭りです。この時 家族と一緒に集まります。それから娘たちと恋人と赤ちゃん、せんぶ今週私の家にきます。クリスマスは内祝で贈答 します。いい友達もおくりものを探しあげます。多分お盆のようなお祭りです。クリスマス日のあさって友達を家に書体しています。食事と一緒に食べにたのしみます。二番目の大切なお祭りはお正月です。この時はおくりものをかわしめせん。クリスマスとお誕生日しか贈り物さがしあげません。


日本野お正月に家族と一緒にかじをする、と聞きました。ここに違っています!私の用事です。それから 今週たくさんそじをしつつけています。

Christmas is the most important festival for English people. At this time,the family all gather together. So my daughters, their boyfriends and babies will all come to my houses this week. Christmas is a time for the close family to exchange presents. Very good friends will also exchange presents. Maybe this is like OBon. The day after Christmas Day we invite friends to the house to enjoy eatng dinner together. The second most important festival is New Years Day.At this time we do not exchange gifts. Christmas and birthdays are the only time we exchange gifts. At the moment I am very busy. Yesterday the Christmas tree arrived. It is very tall. About 2metres60. Yesterday evening I decorated the tree. It was fun.

In Japan at New Year, the family do the housework together, so I have heard. Here it is different. I do all the work. As a result, this week I continue to do lots of cleaning.