Saint Valentine's Day

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Feb 14, 2009 21:33
Today is Saint Valentine's Day.
In Japan, today is a special day when the woman presents chocolate to the man and she conveys good intentions.
And, about 20% of the annual consumption of the chocolate are used on this day.

My daughters prepared the present from Wednesday.
They bought various materials, and burnt the chocolate cookie.
And it distributed to their teachers and classmates on Friday in school.Today,they distributed to the neighboring friend.

The partner to whom they gave is not only a boy.
The chocolate passed to a friend is called "Tomo-choco".
"Tomo-choco" is a compound word of Japanese which were combined "Tomodachi" and "Chocolate"
"Tomodachi" is Japanese that shows the friend.

On the other hand, there is no special intensity, and the chocolate distributed formally is called "Giri-choco".
I got two-piece "Giri-choco" in the office this year.
If this cannot be got now, it is sad...
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