Bustle of the beach

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Aug 20, 2011 23:33
Summer vacation ends yesterday, and it is usual Saturday today.
At last, my daughters' homework of summer vacation ended.

I went to have a haircut and to see a dentist today.
It is a mere survey that went to the dentist.

In barber, clerk has sunburnt very much.
He said that he went for a swim to sea.
I have heard news that people who play at sea has decreased due to the accident of the nuclear plant in Fukushima this year.
A decrease is about 30% from last year.
I asked him,"Was the beach crowded?"
Then, he said that "No, it is very crowding enough".

About the leaking radioactive materials, the government, the enterprise, and the citizens have worried, and have measured.

There is nothing except accepting there if the total of the value that they enter the body is within 10 mSv/year.
And, I think that we store within 1mSv/year except for the workers of the nuclear plant in Fukushima.

It seems that the oncogenic risk of the radioactive materials within 100mSv/year is equal to that risk of smoking.