Physics Annual Meeting

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Jun 5, 2012 23:56
Last weekend a big annual meeting was held by the physical department. At the same time, we celebrated the 60's anniversary of the physical department as well.
1952 was a special year for Chinese high education, as a countrywide and far-reaching adjustment was held in colleges. It was frequently called "college and department adjustment". All the famous universities were involved into it. Many departments of different colleges were combined. Therefore, after this adjustment, some universities enlarged and strengthened, whereas others were harmed and weakened.
The Fudan university was one of the biggest beneficiaries. Many celebrated professors collected in Fudan university. The physical department of Fudan university was established under this condition.
Chinese people always pay much attention to 60's anniversary of everything. It was also the case for the 60's anniversary of physical department. A lot of schoolmates came back from aboard, especially from USA. This celebration lasted two days.