Backbone of a Book

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May 16, 2012 00:25
If you write twenty thousand words, do you think of going to a press in order to publish it? If you are brave enough and tell your idea to an editor, he will regret that twenty thousands words is too few to be printed to a book. The editor will explain that the backbone of book with only twenty thousand words is too narrow to be written anything. This explanation sounds reasonable. If a book must be printed in paper, the editor is absolutely right.
However, our world is taking deep changes. Every thing in our lives is influenced profoundly by computer. As a result, book can not be defined in its original way. Nowadays, publishing a book is so easy on the internet. As long as you want, you can publish anything on your homepage without been printed on paper, even if it has only twenty thousand words. This freedom takes the advantage that the carrier of book is changing from paper to computer. Every advantage has its disadvantage. As a result of this freedom, book does not long represents knowledge. It may be nonsense.