The Power of Culture

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May 4, 2012 23:58
I just attended a lecture called "The Power of Culture". The lecturer is Jigang Zhang, a famous director. It was seven years ago that I first heard of him. In the Spring Festival Gala Evening of 2005, there was a great dancing called thousand-hand Kwan-yin.
As shown in the above pictures, a few people with the same dress stand in line. They are all dressed up glitteringly. If one looks from the front, there is only one woman with many hands around her. It is why this dancing is called thousand-hand Kwan-yin. When all these hands move up and down following melody, the scene is too beautiful to be true.
Beyond my imagination, all these dancers are handicapped. They are all deaf-mute. It is hard to believe that deaf-mute people can perform so beautiful dance. I was deeply touched by their spirit immediately. From then on, these dancer and the director became known to every household. And then this team frequently go abroad for performance.
Best wishes for these beautiful dancers.