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Aug 4, 2012 14:14
No one can't deny the fact that it is very important to drink because drinking is a part of doing business or making a business relationship in Korea. Drinking is also important when you get along fine with friends, co-workers and relatives. In other words, it is no exaggeration to say that most of the relationship between people are revolving around drinking with other people.

In the month of December and January, when Korean throw an end of the year party or a new year party, non-residential district, especially where there a lot of pubs, are usually crowded with many people, like a den infested with an awful lot of vermin. It shows us not only how important drinking alcohol is in Korea, but also how engrossed alcohol is in this country.

However, drinking alcohol is like the two sides of the same coin. If people drinks too much alcohol at only one drinking party, they would lose some of their consciousness and can't decide what is wrong and right when they try to do something. What makes this problem more serious is that heavily drinking is a huge risk not only for drinkers but also non-drinkers, which shouldn't be a victim of drinking heavily. Heavy drinkers harm themselves, as we know very well, but there's also possible for them to harm other people by causing accidents, because heavy drinkers don't know how to control themselves, either mentally or physically. They would lead innocents to a permanent disaster.

I remember the news that Nickhun, one of the members of Korean idol boyband group 2PM, was booked for DUI situation a few days ago. When he was caught by police office and tested at the scene by police, he had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.056 percent. Fortunately, there were no casualty at the scene because the accident was just a form of fender-bender, but he have been bombarded with a bunch of criticism made by netizens infuriated about his reckless behavior.

Look around a road. There must be a lot of cars on the road. How do you feel if the cars on the road can be kind of deadly weapons because some of them drunk heavily before they grab the wheel of their cars? You may kiss and good bye with your alive friends regardless of your will in the blink of an eye..

However, although too much alcohol can lead to terrible accident, on the contrary it can helpful for your body if you drink alcohol in moderation. Some studies show that alcohol help people relive stresses and maintain their stay in good shape. You can't avoid drinking because drinking culture is absorbed in every part of Korea. So, it's best not to get yourself into a state of dead-drunk.

Banning alcohol is impractical idea. It's totally impossible, a ridiculous idea, and will draw fierce resistance from people. To eradicate the accidents relating to alcohol, people need to know the danger of alcohol before being inebriated.